10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

In this span of few years, we have heard many tragic stories of clients who have made terrible blunders by selecting the wrong mobile application Development Company time and again. We all know that there is an increasing demand for mobile application development these days and this tends to eventually encourage a lot of amateur developers to start with their own android app development company in India. These amateurs companies attract the clients by offering cheaper rates and irrelevant speedy time to complete the mobile app development. If you are a newbie or hiring a mobile application development company for the first time, you should take a real good look and try to avoid making the following mistakes before you jump to a conclusion of hiring the mobile application Development Company.

Mistakes that you should avoid before hiring a mobile app development company:-

1. Not taking proper information about the company’s history

Most people think that mobile development is quite a new thing and there aren’t many options to choose from. It might be a new thing though but it doesn’t mean that you give the mobile development contract to the first company that comes your way. Before hiring any mobile app development company, you must investigate the company’s track record first. You should have adequate knowledge about how long the company is into existence? How many projects has the company completed in the past one year?

2. Looking for some cheap alternative

It is quite a common human tendency to always look for the cheap alternative. We always try to look for better ways to save more money on every deal. This holds true for mobile app development as well. In fact, a lot of people tend to get their mobile app developed at cheaper rates. But this is certainly a wrong thinking; don’t ruin your project by hiring amateur mobile application Development Company. Hiring amateur developer only increases your chance of being hugely disappointed. It is always wise to choose the most cost-effective solutions from the most experienced development companies.

3. Looking for a faster developer

We are all in a constant rush these days due to the extremely competitive nature of the world. Subsequently, we tend to hire a developer who claims to be able to complete the development rapidly and we tend to do it without giving it much thought, don’t we? But this is certainly the biggest mistake one can ever do. The amateur or inexperienced developer may offer you with a short deadline for your project as compared to that of an experienced or matured developer but in most of the cases, it had been seen that the amateur developer was not able to complete the development in the mentioned time frame. So, what’s the point? So, it is always advisable to hire only an experienced developer who would properly understand your requirement and can provide a decent timeframe to deliver the developed application in accordance with the requirement.

4. Hiring mobile app development company in neighborhood

We always think and look upon companies which are available nearby so that we can visit the company and keep a check on the progress of the work anytime. Instead of hiring company in the neighborhood, one should always try to extend the limit and territory and this brings up a whole lot of options in front of you. In this competitive market, you will find many well deserving and experienced companies where you can outsource your work. You can easily communicate with the company through messages or video calls and keep the track of the work.

5. Neglecting the specification of software requirement

Most of the companies just start developing the application without gathering sufficient information pertaining to the business requirement and proper specifications. But before starting the development of the application, it is important for any company to gather the proper requirement and do the analysis on the same. Depending on the requirement and business analysis, the hired company can provide the time frame for the completion of the development process. Beware of such companies if you are really particular about your requirement.

6. Selecting the development company due to completion of number of applications

Whenever we look at hiring a mobile app development company, we actually look into how many applications have been developed by the company. We, right away get impressed looking at the portfolio of the developer and most often, we tend to miss out on checking if the applications developed by a mobile app development company are really up to the mark. A lot of companies have been found to launch such applications which are really not up to the mark. So when you look at the portfolio of any development company, it is advisable to install few applications on your smartphone and try them out to see if they are really effective. You will come to know about the how smooth the developed application is and depend on the performance of the installed applications which are shown in the portfolio of the development company, you can certainly take the right decision towards hiring the right mobile app development company.

7.  Only preferring cross-platform developers to hire

When you are just interested in hiring cross-platform developers, you should prepare yourself with various limited abilities for your product’s future. The applications developed using cross-platform technology helps in reducing the development cost of the application. However, it affects the quality of the developed application to a certain extent as compared to the application developed in native platform. So it is advisable to hire the company that offers both native development and hybrid development. Always consider the experience of the company in native development as cross-platform development can be good only in some development cases.

8. Lack of technology understanding

Basically, we get impressed by looking company’s website and portfolio presented by the company and we jump to a conclusion of hiring the development company. But before jumping to any conclusion, you should always check the skills and competencies of the company. Check out whether the developers available in the company are well versed with latest tools and technology which are going on in the market. If the company doesn’t follow the latest development trends then there are chances where the application becomes outdated just after it is launched in the market. So before hiring the company, you should always check whether the company is going to develop your application using latest trends or not.

9. Forgetting about Project Manager

We mostly ask about the team members while starting the mobile app development and ignore the opportunity to meet the project manager. But the fact is, the project manager is the main mediator between the development team and the client and plays an important role for any development project. So before starting the project, always have the tendency to ask about project manager who will be assigned to your project. If the company explains that your project is small and participation project manager is not required, be careful about hiring that company as the company is trying to deceive you and reduce the costing by not providing project to the project manager.

10. Negligence of testing and quality assurance

The biggest mistake which we do is we refuse to test the application or pay less attention towards the stage of mobile development testing. When you neglect testing and quality assurance of your application, you take maximum risks to get an application with hell lot of mistakes. Moreover, excluding testing of the application may lead to refusal of the application on play store. It is always advisable to include testing and quality assurance of the developed application before you launch the application. Testing and quality assurance will give you bug-free application and there are fewer chances of getting the mobile application rejected when it is uploaded to the play store.

Final Words

In short, before hiring a mobile app Development Company, one should always investigate the company, check out the portfolio and try to use the applications which are developed by the company. Try to get a cost-effective budget and go with proper application development process. Don’t look for companies that are available only to your neighbor but expand your search before hiring an app development company. Always try to get in touch with the project manager and get your application tested before you launch it into play store.


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