8 Signs of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

What makes a great leader? Some would say, a great leader is someone who’s passionate, has a vision, and is not afraid to go after what they want. While that might be true, the biggest skill leaders need to have is emotional intelligence, as it has a profound effect on work performance

Emotional Intelligence or EI has been defined as a mixture of personal and social skills, the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions in a positive way. It also encompasses being able to engage and empathize with others. It will help a leader to motivate others and build while building work relationships and meeting his team’s needs.

Self Discipline

Also known as self-regulation,  is the ability to manage emotions and behaviors in a healthy way. In a leader’s case, knowing and understanding how you feel helps you control how you react to certain situations. A manager has to be able to handle frustration without blowing up at their staff.  Remember, the way you express your emotions to your team affects their performance.


The ability to understand how others feel, and see things from a different perspective is extremely important for a leader. It will help establish a better communication with the team and achieve conflict resolutions.

Self Motivation

Workers learn by example. In order to motivate your employees, you have to be able to keep the motivation yourself. A true leader takes initiative and sets goals for the future, without letting setbacks shift his focus. Having a goal, and working towards it,  will not only build your confidence, it will also encourage your team.

Self Awareness

As a leader, you need to be able to recognize your emotions. You need to know your virtues and weaknesses. A leader who is self-aware knows the areas he has to improve and is willing to ask for feedback from his peers. By understanding themselves (even the behaviors they have to correct), they are better at understanding their teams and helping them achieve goals and better their strengths.

Embracing change

Let’s face it: Most people are afraid of change. But a leader has to be able to adapt and sail through adversity. You will face hard times when things won’t go as you expect them, But a good boss has to be able to stay calm and adapt to those circumstances. A team looks up to their leader, and in times of crisis, a leader who adapts and reacts efficiently will keep his team feeling confident. And a confident team will find solutions to the problems and rise above them. A manager who is unable to adapt and face changes will have a crew feeling scared and demoralized.

Building Relationships

In order to bring a team into success, a leader has to build positive relationships with his employees and peers. A manager needs to be apart of the recruitment process right through to the professional development of an employee Not only doe a manager need people to respect him, but he also has to connect with his workers, get to know them, and create a bond with them. This will make people feel valued, and willing to collaborate more with the company.

Being Trustworthy

A good leader should make their team feel able to express their problems or concerns, as this will make a group achieve better communication, and be more engaged with their job.

Employees follow by example, when workers feel they can trust their leaders, they achieve better results.

Conflict Management

As all leaders know, when dealing with people, there will eventually be some sort of conflict. Humans are bound to conflict, everyone has different perspectives, and opinions can clash.  Your role as a leader is to help your team work their issues and find common ground. Approach conflict rationally, and give them the tools to resolve it.

Emotional intelligence has become the keys to success, Studies have shown that people who develop this kind of skills are more likely to succeed in the workplace as well as their personal life The difference between a leader and a boss, might well just be based on his levels of EI.



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