Apps To Facilitate Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media is a new way forward for businesses. With the help of social media management, you can market your brand far and wide. In short, the brand awareness increases and your word reach masses. So is there a way where the apps can help you leverage the most out of social media?

In fact, there is and you have come to the right place. In the article, we have outlined a number of such apps that will enable you to leverage social media to the fullest while you run a campaign with the questing of write my dissertation or going to sell a product in order to market your brand. Without further ado, here goes:

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It is one of the most notable and popular apps in the app world. It is very handy when managing social media. It can manage a wide variety of platforms and hence, offers customizations and vibrant features. With the help of HootSuite, you can manage posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

HootSuite packs a built in custom analytics systems that make monitoring a cakewalk. You can monitor keywords of your choice and schedule the posts to get published as per your liking (time and day of the week). It has set the standards for social media management tools to follow.


Another notable app to facilitate you in the social media management business. You can optimize you social updates with the help of Buffer. You can schedule the updates and it will publish on whatever time you have selected.

The buffer app works with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and you name it. The dashboard is quite simple and easy to get accustomed to. You can tailor it as per your preference. You have complete authority in terms of managing schedule for posts, and monitor the progress via built in analytics tool.

You can get the compounded effect by using a buffer on both mobile and its extension in your web browser. Thus, it allows you to quickly add web page links, on top of titles and images to your posts. A premium version of a buffer is also available and you can use it to add more social media accounts.


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It is quite a popular web app that is used for controlling twitter posts. This platform was initially designed to support other social media accounts as well but once it twitter got the hold of it, it became only relevant to twitter.

It is a free app and for anyone who is willing to manage multiple twitter accounts, follow certain hashtags, reply other users, and keep track of trends in real time. It allows you the ability to organize all your desirables in specific columns so you can view them, at the same time and in one place.


This app lets you manage your twitter accounts for free. In addition to Twitter, it is also applicable to Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr and even more social accounts, should you choose to upgrade. With the help of SocialOomph, you can schedule your tweets, keep an eye out on keywords, promote your profile and business pages, and shorten URLs, and so on so forth.

However, it is free but nevertheless, it brings you a lot of amazing features but should decide to go for the premium version, you can get follow backs, automated DMs, a list of quality users to follow and so on so forth.


It stands for If This Then That. With the help of this tool you can develop your own automated actions referred to as “recipes” saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself. For example, if you seek to have all your Instagram photos getting saved to a public folder on Dropbox, then you build a “recipe” and IFTTT will take care of it.

There is no limit to the number of “recipes” that you can build and it is compatible with almost every social media network.


If you are a social media strategist, no wonder you would be interested in measuring analytics, right? Well, this is the tool for you. it can integrate with all your accounts through which you can account for gathered data and see which set of people are reaching you and whether or not the target audience visiting or interacting your social media channels?

The data is represented in the shape of graphs, which enables you to compare and set a benchmark against other social media campaigns and/or strategies easily. SpredFast is more than meets the eye meaning, not a tool for merely promoting social media presence. It can be substantiated by the fact it you have first requested its demo in order to start using it.

In conclusion

Above are few apps that can get you to new heights in the setting up social media marketing strategies/campaigns. The list is not exhaustive and you can find more such apps. Let us know in the comments which ones have we missed out on?

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