Best Studio Headphones To Consider Buying

Buying excellent Studio headphones for your own personal studio can be a difficult task. With so many brands in the market and new features they come along, it is quite obvious that customers get confused which studio headphone to choose.

Here today we are going to discuss some of such best studio headphones we have in the market.

While setting up the list, we made sure that we don’t go far enough in terms of Price and buying the headphones would not hurt your pocket too much.

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Here are the Top 3 Headphones you should consider in 2017

1. Sony MDR 7506

The Sony MD 7506 is one of the greatest headphones we have.It comes neodymium magnet divers which are of standard 40mm in size. The headphone surprisingly is of closed back design and works great when it comes to excluding external noises.

Frequency response is around 10 MHz-20 MHz and the sound is extremely detailed and crisp.
The price of the headphone is around $120, which is good looking at the features which come along.

2. Audio Technica MTH 30X

Advanced Build quality and experienced engineering are what brings these headphones on this list.
As like the other similar headphones, these headphones do come with 40mm divers and sound great in every condition.

Specially designed for studio and mixing purpose, these headphones will just cost you$69.

3. Edifier H850

These headphones are one of the cheapest and the most comfortable studio headphones on our list.
The manufacturers have done fine work in terms of design and provided comfortable leather pad so that you can use them for a longer period of time.

The bass of the headphones is finely tuned and works great. The headphone is finely tuned for the use of mixing and other audiophile purposes.

They just cost $45 and we think that is the best deal on any studio headphone.

This was our list of the best headphones we have today. Now the question comes, How to identify what you need?

Well, for any beginner, who is just putting up his feet in music, must not spend on a high budget headphone. At that stage someone just needs basics, and some cheap headphone would work fine.

Make sure you have a look at the size of the drivers you headphones offer and if they do come with noise cancellation feature or not. However, if you are going with open back headphones, then it is very hard to get the noise cancellation feature.for that, you should refer to closed back design.

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