Business Plan For Growing Your Web Hosting Company

Web hosting companies provide hardware servers on which webmasters can host their websites. They lease the server space and the resources necessary for maintaining websites. Starting a web hosting business can be a difficult task but if you are determined and have a concrete action plan it is not that difficult. This article will discuss the Business plan for forming and growing your web hosting company.

1. Define your target market

There are a lot of web hosting companies are increasing day by day. You might be skeptical about the success of your company for that reason. Even though there are a number of hosting providers and a variety of hosting there is a need of hosting providers dedicated to particular industries. For example, green energy web hosts, small business hosting, DDOS protected servers, etc. You need to decide on what type of hosting you want to provide. There are hosting like windows VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

If you have already started a company you need to figure out what market you are targeting. Given that you provide hosting for some specific industry you cannot sell hosting to everyone. Targeting a market is very important.


  • Define your target market
  • Find uniqueness in providing hosting service

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2. Find the right server partner for your company

If you want to succeed in the hosting business you need to select the right server partner. The partner should have data centers at the right places and there should be no need of migration of the server. Never opt for cheap offers for the servers because low-quality servers can pose problems and you cannot compromise client satisfaction for cheap servers.

A good server partner has the following qualities:

  • Valuable service for the price
  • 24×7 dedicated server support for hardware related problems
  • A good reputed provider
  • Fast dedicated server development so that you can handle the growing client base
  • Hardware like RAID-10 and SSD which are great for hosting
  • Protection from increasingly common DDoS attacks

3. Setup a good Website with excellent billing system and support

After you have a dedicated server and you are ready to lease it to customers, you need to create a good website and build your company brand. You need other systems and software start selling hosting packages.

cPanel is the most popular website hosting control panel. You can easily integrate it with CloudLinux to isolate customers on your servers. You will also need a client billing and management tool and WHMCS is the most trusted in the market right now. It also enables you to handle customer inquiries with its inbuilt support desk. Many new companies use external helpdesk software like Kayako or Zendesk. The majority of new hosting companies start off with email service only and later on they for providing live online support.

4. Finding clients and growing client base

After setting up everything in place you can start publicizing your hosting service. After configuring and testing you can confidently acquire new clients. In the starting, you can leverage social media and advertising channels for promoting your hosting packages. Later you can go for paid advertising like Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Along with that, it is very important to have a very good 24/7 customer support. That is because not every customer can be accustomed to hosting technology and you need to solve the hosting problems of the customers in the least possible time.

5. Grow and Expand

Provide hosting packages that suit the customers’ needs. You will grow by helping then grow. With this intention in mind, you will see a good growth in the business. You also need to propose your core values as you get new clients. The core values define your brand and your identity. Thinking of the customer first and then think about self is the key to retain the trust of the client.

Webs hosting is business can be difficult to start but if you follow the right path and take the right actions maintaining the business is not that difficult. Planning and execution is the key to start and grow a good web hosting company that people can trust.

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