Why Children’s are Committing Suicide by Playing Blue Whale Game?

Nowadays the children’s living in this generation are becoming unsafe day by day.This is not just because of the kidnappings or robbers, but it’s because of the social media platforms and some abnormal games.Previously kids use to play outdoor games like cricket or football and indoor games like chess or table tennis but after the rise of pc and smartphones, the teenagers and kids cannot control themselves from continuously playing video games for hours and affect their eyesight.And still, the parents used to satisfy themselves as at least they are safe inside the four walls.But not for long, Why? So the current scene is nowadays, kids are getting affected via some criminal game like “Blue Whale”


The killer Blue whale is an Internet Game which can be completed in 50 days of timeline.It is played in several countries.It was started in 2013 at Russia by a death group called “F57”.It was firstly founded in Russia by a Journalist after 16 teenagers already committed suicide.


It’s not just a simple game which anyone should play as it includes a new challenge in every day up to 50days. For each and every challenge the player has to send photos or videos for the proof of completion.From watching scary videos at midnight, going to a Railway station at 4:20 am in the morning, overcoming one fear, carving a phrase in your own hand and ultimately to committing suicide at the end.


The curator(the one who sends challenges) sends tasks or challenges to the targeted victims.At first, they collect all the information about the victim, not just only his/her but also about their family and friends.They know the victim’s secrets from which they can blackmail them later on.They continuously try to wash their brain and make them feel that Living in this substandard Planet is a heavy task and it should be better to free yourself by living this world.If the victim denies the challenges given to him/her then he is been threatened by their family and the curator says to reveal all their secrets.It mostly targets the teenagers or kids because they are unprepared for such situations and the curator mostly targets the players who are suffering from mental illness or depressions.And ultimately they cannot decide what is good or what is bad and hence, commits suicide.

So it’s my humble request to all the parents reading this article that “Please don’t force your child to do any task, make sure they are happy with their life”.And another message for all the kids reading this. “Life is an essential thing you get, as it is for once only you should not just think about yourself but also make sure you make someone’s life happy

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