How To Design a Blog Site

Want to design a blog site? Or want to design your blog? Great, there are lots of platforms where you can design your website without knowing or applying any coding knowledge. Here I am going tell some points which you have to keep in mind to start your designing.

1. Choose a perfect Blogging Platform

website blog template

From my suggestion, I will always suggest to choose you WordPress for your blog design. It is the easiest platform where you don’t have to add any coding for making your design good. There are lots of free themes and plugins to make your website looks good.

2. Select your design goal

design theme

First, make your target clear. Like which type of design you need or which type of design you want to create. Then make a sketch in your mind based upon your goal.

3. Try to keep your design simple

theme details

Choose a simple theme(If you are using WordPress) and add only some important plugins. Don’t try to use unnecessary codes and plugins. It will make your website slow. In wordpress, you will get lots of free and simple looking theme.

4. Keep some white space

theme screenshot white space

Don’t try to make your website colorful, it doesn’t make sense. Try to use a contrasting color. And don’t be afraid if you have some white space on your website because of its looks professional. You must use some white space as the border of your website.

5. Follow Rules 

It will be easy to navigate your blog if you add some common and important features on your blog. These features include:

  • Header.
  • Search Bars.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Sidebar.
  • Social profiles.

Adding these features will help your visitor to find your content easily and also keep your visitor for a longer time on your blog.

6. Make Your Website Responsive

website mobile tablet laptop

Your website should be open properly on Desktop, Mobile, and tablet. Inform your developer produce a design which is eye-catchy and must be functional. You also can check mobile-friendly test for your blog by your own.

These are some important points which will help you to design properly. You can add your own idea to your blog. Again I am informing that try use WordPress which is very easy for any beginners. In WordPress, by using theme and plugins you can design a professional website. So let’s start.


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  • Going from what you said about anchor text, I actually read a post that said that using bold or italics on the keywords highlights them for Google – I tend to use keywords in my anchor text and then bold the link, it doesn’t look out of place and it still helps my SEO.


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