EchoDot : Is it worth the price?

From the time echo dot series was released by Amazon, I wanted one. But there was no use of importing it from as would not work in India. It had to optimised and Indian services need to implement for the device to work.

The device was great but until optimised it was useless. A few days back echo dot series was released by Amazon in India. It also came with a 1 Year Prime Membership and 30% off( introductory).

The Echo Dot generally costs Rs4499, but it is available at a discounted rate of Rs.3199. The Amazon Echo generally costs Rs.9999, but it is available at a discounted rate of Rs6999. The Echo Plus generally costs Rs.14999, but it is available at a discounted rate of Rs.10499. 

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The cheapest of them all is the Echo Dot. The other one’s an Echo Plus and Echo.

I didn’t have a lot to spent so I bought an Echo Dot. It has a mediocre speaker in comparison to its competitors and all the other features are the same.

The packaging of the device was great. Amazon never disappoints with its packaging. The box came with the device, a charging adapter, USB cable and instruction manual. If you didn’t know, the Echo Dots needs power all the time to work.

The initial impression was great. The device looked quite sleek and trendy. They have really spent quite a time in designing this beautiful device. It comes in two colors, White and Black.

Both the colors are great but I went with the black color. Just a personal preference.

Unlike the previous iteration of the Amazon Echo Dot, you can connect an external speaker either via Aux cable or Bluetooth. Honestly, the inbuilt speaker is not that great.

To get things started, just download the echo application from the Apple or the Google Play store. I faced some issues in getting the device started but after some digging, I was able to get everything running. Make sure you have the good WiFi connection to have a smooth experience.

You can do a lot of things using the device. Lot’s of extra skills can be added using the application on your phone. Some of the few  I added was Saavn, Uber, and FoodPanda. You might have heard about Amazon Prime Music, though it’s not released in India, you can use it through the Alexa application. It will be released soon, no need for the subscription, it’s all included.

To be honest, the device doesn’t recognize everything you speak of it. Nothing can beat Google as of now. Then there are limitations in India like you can’t call anyone using the device. But I think it will get better in future updates.

The things I like –

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The Dot even listens to the word Alexa (or whichever word you set using the app) while playing loud music. So even if you need to lower the volume or change the track you can do it.

Alexa was able to play most tracks, both Hollywood and Bollywood without any issues. Most of them were played using Amazon Music. You can also control the tracks using the mobile application. Yes, you can also play Swag Wali Topi through Saavn.

Are you a new freak? Then this device can be quite useful. You can listen to news from NDTV, CNBC, and many others. And also you can also schedule the news or in echo’s term flash briefing for a specific time.

You Can even use amazon echo dot with power banks also, Just need one USB data cable to attach and one of the best power bank in India and you are ready to go.

If you are planning to use it in your kitchen, then you can easily set timers. Alexa can also help you to remind things and set alarm. There are some skills related to cooking as well. Make sure to try them as well.

Alexa can entertain you as well. It was crack some hilarious jokes. And every time it’s different. Cool ain’t it.

You can also play games. Games like Millionaire and Guess the number are few I played. You can also ask Alexa to toss a coin.

The overall experience of using the Echo Dot is great. It’s well worth the price. But should you buy it?

It still is quite a developing stage especially in India. People are getting into Home automation but it’s quite slow. I would recommend you to wait for a while before buying the echo dot or any other Echo device for that matter.


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