Ameliorating Content for Google RankBrain: Find out How!

“Machines have indeed taken over humans.”

With Google announcing RankBrain as its third most vital ranking signal, it’s no surprise that SEO experts & professional content writers are in a frenzy.

After all, keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms is difficult indeed. However, ever since its entry into the market in 2015, numerous SEO content writing services have uncovered several facts about how the unique RankBrain works!

Hence, today, the topic of discussion is the steps to follow to optimise content for RankBrain. However, before proceeding with the topic at hand, let’s discuss in brief about RankBrain –

RankBrain – An insight

In short, Google RankBrain is one of the smartest machine learning AI algorithm used by Google for sorting out and comprehending Search Engine queries.

How does RankBrain work?

Rank Brain

Before the introduction of RankBrain, Google would try to match queries with words on pages. However, Google RankBrain changed the game altogether. Conditioned to think like a human, RankBrain tries to analyze and comprehend what Search Result queries mean.

Depending on the keywords inputted, RankBrain tweaks algorithms, and present answers which will likely match the audiences’ need most. Now, considering Organic click-through rate, Dwell time, Bounce rate and ancillary factors, Google ranks a page based on the level of customer satisfaction.

Well! Now, that the gist is covered, here are the steps followed by any leading content writing agency when it comes to optimising content for Google RankBrain –

Step 1: The headline sells! Work on that!

RankBrain ranks a web page based on bounce rate and dwells time right? Well, then the first step is to get your web audience to click on your content. So work on attractive headlines. First sort out the topic you want to address and note down few catchy headlines, that’ll make you want to click.

Avoid basic headlines, instead, try playing with words and using adjectives correctly. You can also use questions, make cheeky promises or use emotional objectives etc. to garner the attention of the online audience.

Step 2: Authoritative content? Definitely!

Bounce rate is another criterion that can affect how an article ranks on Google. Hence, the trick is to get readers to stick to your content. So, it’s advisable that professional content writers should frame write-ups which are lengthy.

However, do not make it boring! Here is where authoritative content comes into play. Authoritative content is conversational and is like a mentor who explains the topic at hand, step-by-step.

Further, these contents use, infographics and images which stimulate the interest of user’s, thereby compelling them to linger and read the write-ups till the end.

Step 3: Optimise for voice search!

Voice search has become increasingly popular amongst today’s millennial. With people befriending AI technologies like Google voice search, Siri and Cortana, professional content writers should frame articles using search phrases.

In other words, focus on medium and long tail keywords, and implement them in the content strategically. Writers can use them in sub-heads in a catchy stimulating way to grab the attention of the online audience.

Step 4: Formatting & quality is vital too

SEO optimised content should not be overlooked. While slight changes are implemented, the changing Google algorithms demand the need for unique write-ups.

From using quotes to stories, references, and insightful pointers, content must look visually appealing. Hence, keep a strict note on content tone, formatting, and grammar.

Try to implement snippets into content to help RankBrain screen out the required information.

In conclusion, it’s advisable to wire logically, but with a more straightforward tone. Think like the people and consider how you are likely to search for a topic. Using the perception create content with the flow and imply the above points strategically.

With the correct content marketing strategies, you can easily win over Google RankBrain and make your write-up rank high in SERP.

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