Guide to White Hat SEO Tips and Tools

SEO is all about optimizing your website to gain traffic on the website. Much of the website organic traffic is gained through Search Engine Optimization. Within SEO, there is white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Black hat uses strategies to improve the ranking of the website which is not acceptable. People might think it’s going to bring benefit to their site but it doesn’t last long. As opposed to black hat SEO, white hat uses strategies to help drive traffic to the website that is acceptable by abiding all the terms and ensure good quality web page.

More traffic is always good for a website.  Gaining organic traffic through white hat is not only satisfying but there results last much longer. In order to make a progress in the search results and increase website traffic, white hat SEO should be considered. Without any further delay, we will guide you through the SEO tips and tools you can use to accomplish your SEO goals. These are very much helpful SEO tips for beginners.

white hat SEO

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Link building is an effective part of SEO. The experts from the digital marketing company in Singapore are of the opinion that the method of link building has relatively changed a lot. You need to invest in your time and manual effort to generate those links unlike before. The best way how you can generate high-quality links and connect with people is by email outreach. You have to outreach hundreds of websites and track their replies and keep a follow up with them by sending reminders. In this respect, Buzzstream acts as a saver by completely taking over your email outreach and filter the important ones in categorize of reminders, email open rate, click rate and much more reducing the workload greatly.

Similar web

When you make an update on the website you might want to check where it’s ranking. The rank checker will let you know where you’re ranking for your keywords. The similar web is a website that lets you track the number of the visitors the website is getting, the number of clicks a content is receiving and keyword ranking. The easy to use the site is free to use and proves to be a great SEO tool.


The chance of gaining traffic and higher ranking on the website rests upon the target keyword. There are numerous backlink tools but Ahrefs proves to excel in all of them. In SEO, backlinks also play a great part in driving ranking in the search result. The best way to find link openings is to look at the sites that are ranking on the top. This tool provides you a list of best backlinks keeping in mind the competitors link proving to be a reliable tool.

Tips for white hat SEO

Performing white hat SEO isn’t an easy task. These tools help are very reliable and make your life easier. Before selecting any tool to conduct a research you need to take a smart decision when you approach it. Keep in mind not to overuse too many tools, you might be eager to get the results fast but overdoing it won’t help. Take time to research effective tools and wait for the results.

After you’ve made the selection of the right tool, it’s advisable to track your results to check if your efforts are effective enough to bring a positive impact on the website.

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