Top Simple Instagram Marketing Tips

While internet marketing is intensely augmenting, social networking sites are also reaching the new heights every day. And, Instagram is among them which has come a long way from its origin.

Earlier, Instagram was just an app where users could post only one image at a time but, after going through major development and adding lots of advanced functionalities, today the platform has over 500 million users in conjunction with 15 million business profiles.

Since Instagram has introduced an outstanding feature of creating free business profiles, numerous businesses including various mobile app development companies have availed the huge benefits of it and that is not it, there are a lot more features that can instantly get your business the boosted revenue.

Here we present a few interesting Instagram marketing tips to enhance your business growth and we will also let you know how Instagram can be more beneficial for your business.

Promotion & Advertising

Instagram advertising functionality makes it the most esteemed and popular social networking app which gives you an incredible option to promote your posts or advertise your products on the Instagram app.

magazine advertise

It provides five options for advertising that are photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads and stories canvas ads. By promoting your posts regularly, you can increase your business visibility and user engagement.

Advertising becomes more beneficial for you when you include a “Learn More or Shop Now” option in that, which directs the users to your website.

Correct Usage of Hashtag

By adding an interactive hashtag in the caption of your post, you can get the enormous user engagement on the spot. But, make sure that you are using the hashtag in the correct way.


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There is a very simple strategy for using a hashtag and that is, follow your customers. Find out the current most popular hashtags trend according to your campaign and use the same hashtags trend for your post’s caption.

Promote Your Posts on the Multiple Social Media Sites

Let your customers follow you on the multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Your brand needs to be active and happening on every possible social networking platform.


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It will not only help you raise the brand value of your mobile app development service. but, also help you to gain a lot more followers easily. There are followers who don’t use every social networking platform regularly and only use a few platforms.

In such criteria, cross-promote increases your business reach per post and helps your followers to stay connected with you on every platform.


As we all know Instagram is a great social networking site that provides an immense marketing platform to all the businesses to reach their potential customers from every corner of the world. So, we provided a few Instagram marketing tips to help your business grow more effectively.


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  • Nine small businesses with great Instagram feed. Yes Now, all the businessman using Instagram for marketing and promote their business. I am also using to promoting my website


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