3 Social Media Strategies to Help Gather Target Audience and Boost Leads!

Many times, the start-up’s in their motto to set up a profitable business venture, end up putting all focus and money on writing contents just for search engines. They fail to notice that they have another handy option at hand – the Social media.

According to the Pew Research Centre Report USA, 79% of Americans use Facebook, 24% use Twitter, 30% uses other channels like LinkedIn etc. So, for the best way for start-ups to gather leads shouldn’t only be limited to their rankings on SERP, but they should target their audience via social media.

Moreover, using social media strategies a brand can also target specified customers and gain a broader audience appreciation. This will help a company foster leads, build conversion rates and traffic for search engines too.

So, check out few of these strategies which will surely gain your brand recognition and boost leads.

3 Social media strategies which work well with your target audience!

Social Media Strategies

1. Stop your audience form scrolling!

The audience on social media has the shortest attention span. They are submerged in a sea filled with new things, and the bigger and better fish, sparks interest. A survey conducted states; the approx attention span of the audience is less than 4 seconds.

So, try to find your target audience and get in their shoes. Find their requirements and look for ways to catch attention.

Make your social media post writing, innovative and funny. Use facebook reactions while posting, proper emojis and strike a conversation through your posts. Find a content marketing agency, which can use an appropriate call to action tone, while engaging the audience. Lastly, make sure you ask the reviews and comments of your audience to know their opinion on your work.

2. Leave them hanging or spark their intrigue!

Social media is all about likes, comments, and shares. So take the help of a reputable digital marketing agency and frame your social media strategies.

A worthy strategy can give something away, and yet leave consumers hanging for more. Let’s assume you are set to introduce a product. Thus, frame fascinating, social media post writing or use exciting demographics and videos to make the product intriguing. Additionally, make sure the content marketing agency you hired, is not only offering crisp, compact and attention-grabbing write-ups but also provides sufficient information.

The contents should describe how the product can help out individuals, but not give out too much. In fact, writers should use terms like ‘stay tuned’ or ‘we’ll be back’ to notify users of more to come.

Another option to increment in your social media strategies is to share memes. Today surveys claim nearly half the internet population dwells on sharing memes and gifs. Moreover, mimetic marketing is one of the top ongoing trends of digital marketing presently.

3. Converse with your audience!

3.	Converse with your audience

As an essential part of your social media strategies, it’s vital to have open discussions with your audience. See, even if you post content on social media, which is very interesting, the best way to gather audience is to have a discussion.

So, use questions, open discussion forums about topics, share stories and live videos for your business, make your brand seem human. You can also opt for using influencer marketing, as this can generate a wide audience.

Apart from this, brands can also avail of blog writing services from any reputed content marketing company. Occasional blogs, with proper keyword placement, will not only help in website ranking but it’ll also be shareable via social media.

Compelling and interactive blogs which are shared over social media platforms are a quick way to grab the attention of potential lurking clients.

Other options are hosting polls, leveraging trending hot topics, hosting live Q&A rounds, and sharing content stories. Once a brand avails these measures, it can become popular and human-like with the mass. This will improve the number of visitors on the client’s website leading to good web traffic.

So, for start-ups who were previously running after availing only website content writing henceforth should opt for targeting social media for more extensive leads and standing out. Along with this, if they use the help of a leading content marketing agency, which provides proper optimization of keywords and makes content SEO friendly, then the brand will rank high on Google’s SERP. Thus, all in all, the brand awareness will increase, and chances of sales will escalate.


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