Top 10 Tips to Get a Perfect Mobile Application Design

If you really think that mobile applications are only for big brands like Ebay, Walmart, and others, you are on the wrong side because it has become essential for every business today to have its mobile app through which, it can build strong business relations with its clients or customers. It is certain that mobile apps are fully in combination with businesses, a business can avail a number of benefits by getting its own mobile app.

If you also run a business, but haven’t got its mobile app yet, you should do it now and before you do, don’t forget the following top 10 tips to get a perfect mobile app design which can help you come up with a perfect design.

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1. User Experience

Both desktops and mobile devices have a number of differences when it comes to user experience. The interaction of users and the way they see the data of a particular business are completely different on mobile devices than old desktops. Therefore, you should take everything into consideration, including menus, navigation, content, and all other things to come up with a perfect design for your business app. The greater the user-experience of your app is, the more users you will get to it.

2. Creativity

Creativity is something that is required in all kinds of work. You need to use your creativity skills while choosing a design for your mobile app. The design you come up with should be unique and creative that can instantly get a user’s attraction. You must have seen different complex deliverables while seeing some top mobile application, but you will be amazed to know that those complex designs were also made using some simple and creative shape compositions.

3. Choose Vibrant Colors

Colors also play an important role when it comes to mobile apps for businesses. You need to use some vibrant colors that can stand unique against the two things; the users’ background image and other mobile applications that the users have installed. Since there are clutters in most of users’ mobile devices, they would be able to easily recognize the icons that have vibrant colors. Blue is the color that you will see in most of mobile apps. If you choose Blue, there are chances that your app can give a professional look as other do, but there are also risks that the app won’t be able to build its unique presence. For this, you need to conduct a thorough research, see others’ apps, and take help from some professional so that you can come up with perfect colors for your app.

4. Simple Icons

It would be a major mistake if you add plenty of colors and images in the icon because everything is crammed up by doing this. Many businesses do this to give an eye-catching look to the icons of their apps, but this goes completely in the wrong direction and the apps fail to get the attraction of their target users.

You need to use only one concept to come up with a perfect mobile app design. The best tip regarding icons is to remain simple and conceptual so that the app can also give an appealing look to its users.

5. Right Words

If you also want to add words in your mobile app, you better use the right words at the right place. Since the mobile screen is quite smaller than desktop ones, you better not use long words in the app because it will be difficult for your users to read them and it will also become a hindrance in the app for people want to reach directly towards your product or service section.

You shouldn’t use long words in your app icon also because it has a small size and it will become difficult for the users to read the words in the icon. It has always been a challenging task to adjust long words or concepts in limited a space or size. The same is the case with logos, people get expensive professional logo design services for their business logo because they want their concepts be used in a small visual identity that is called a ‘logo’. So, for icons as well, you can take the services of some professional icon designers who can portray the concept of your business in an effective manner.

6. Battery Life

Remember, the design and functionality of a mobile app directly impact on the battery of a device. So, you shouldn’t use any such complex feature that can drain out the battery of a device quickly because the user won’t prefer to use it to save the battery.

7. App Icon for Different Backgrounds

Before you finalize any design, you better test your app icon on different backgrounds to make sure that the icon is giving a pleasing look to all the backgrounds. Unless the app icon gives a perfect look and feel, you shouldn’t finalize any design for the mobile application of your business.

8. Design for Fat Fingers

Since fingers are thicker than mouse cursors, you should pay extra attention to the accessibility of the app. The design you come up with should be finger-friendly so that people can easily use it. You should also give enough space for each click for users so that they can easily use every function in the app.

9. Consistency

Consistency is really important in every area of work and in business mobile apps as well, it’s important to maintain consistency while getting a perfect design for your app. You should pay enough time to every part of the app and perform valuable changes with respect to time and conditions.

10. Medium

You need to fully understand the medium you are using and should also understand its different functions from desktops. The user-interference of mobile apps is quite different from desktop ones and different operating systems (OS, Android, iOS, etc) can have different impacts on the design of your app.


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