Trends that a Content Marketing Agency Can Implement in 2018!

Content marketing has been around for some time, and like everything changes, 2018 also has a lot of new trends in store. These new trends can be implemented by a reputed content marketing company in India which can help a business in staying ahead of the competition.

According to research, small businesses that have a blog generate 126% more leads than those which don’t. In addition, content marketing creates 3x times more leads compared to outbound marketing.

The trends that were speculated in 2017 proved to be worthy enough for businesses. Some said chatbots would see an innumerable growth, and it did – more than 100,000 bots are now live with the Facebook messenger.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have seen substantial praise from social media strategists in 2017, the utilisation of which, however, has been comparatively low.

2018 may be the year which will get to experience the full glory of AI, along with several other new strategies.

Here are some of the content marketing trends that may prevail this year:

Content marketing trends

1. Internet of Things (IoT) – bringing content to our daily lives

Amazon Alexa and Google Home are some of the technologies that have been keys to bringing the Internet of Things to our daily lives. These have made it possible for individuals to get content without going online.

Leading social media strategists have already started using IoT for marketing their services and products. News, banking and finance, health and fitness, and several other sectors have started to integrate their services with IoT enabled devices.

2. Making live streaming content

Facebook users engage with live content 10 times more as compared to standard videos. A leading content marketing company in India will use live content as one of their strategies in 2018.

In addition, more social media platforms are promoting live contents. Twitter’s Periscope has gained considerable favour. With Facebook Live, the company is aiming to influence live content more than any other.

Video content has already gained prominence when it comes to content – they reach 135% more users as compared to pictures. In 2018, around 42% marketers aim at creating live video content, and around 83% wanted to focus on making video posts.

3. Voice-enabled searches

With the Internet of Things, voice assistance has already seen a dramatic rise. However, more and more individuals are shifting to voice searches with their smartphones.

Google Assistance and Amazon Echo are some of the types of services that have delivered solutions just by listening to users. The younger generation is using these more as compared to older ones – precisely, 71% between the ages of 18 to 29.

Moreover, about 31% teenagers use voice searches to resolve problems with their homework.

Hence, content or social media strategists can take advantage of voice assistance for marketing content more efficiently to users.

4. Virtual Reality

Numerous technological advancements have been made which specifically cater to entertaining users. Now, these technologies are also being used by businesses as their marketing strategy.

One such entertainment technology that content marketing company in India uses is virtual reality. Currently, several brands are utilizing VR to market their content and increase user engagement.

According to research, more than 30% B2C brands are aiming to capitalise on virtual reality, which may grow into becoming a $160 billion industry by 2020.

5. Content size may become small

Content writing services like to create more and more lengthy articles and blogs as they rank higher in Google. However, readers of such contents may think otherwise – 59% millennial prefer infographics and videos; i.e. less text.

With attention span decreasing day by day, more informative content will rule the internet and pave the way for effective marketing strategies.

The 5 trends mentioned above are some which every leading content marketing company in India looks to implement in 2018.


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