Every one nowadays searching for some proper business plan but they don’t actually know how to execute it properly, So they should know the current scenario of their country. “DON’T BE A JOB SEEKER BE A JOB CREATOR” A well-said quote, suits the present scenario of the country. Due to a very large population of this generation, it is very tough for the industry and the government to provide job to each individual. Unemployment is a necessary evil, it forces one to develop his skills to be employed for the betterment of oneself and for the mankind, it is also necessary to keep a number of wages in check. Though the right to job still exists but one need to fetch it by themselves. So there are only two options left the earn your livelihood one is developing your skills to that extent that no one can beat you in your field and that promises your placement in the industry and the other option also includes enhancing your skills but this time you will be working for yourself, be an entrepreneur.

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The detailed steps to be the one are:

  • Working for an organisation always does not mean that harder you work more will be the profit of your company and you will gain nothing without a proper business plans, rather it’s also a type of business because here harder and smarter you work more your skills will develop and with that your pay scale would also increase and even you can put your experience to help others by teaching that and again teaching is also a type of entrepreneurship.
  • You are not working for the organisation, rather working with the organisation for the mutual benefit of both the parties.
  • Being an entrepreneur or being innovative does not always mean that you need to think out of the box rather you need to find the solutions for the problems which really exists, which could help to develop a better lifestyle.
  • One need to think globally and act locally, need to understand the problems faced by locals and develop a solution accordingly which should case and must be efficient as much as possible.
  • Real life example, a decade back everyone use to carry heavy bags and suitcases during their journey they need to hold it all the time above the ground on the go, everyone thought that this is the universal truth of the world you need to carry your heavy bag everyone has to carry so do I need to, but one day a person thought the way wheels carry heavy vehicles similarly it can carry these bags just one need to modify them accordingly. And that day onwards we have bags having wheels which decreased our labour and now we can work in a more efficient way.
  • Real life example, a couple of years back when a trend was suddenly started of having a zip near the back side of the foot of jeans went too popular and the creator was highly praised though everyone knows about zips and jeans but never thought of doing something like that, similarly one need to have a keen eye for observation to develop and to be employed rather as an entrepreneur or in an organisation in both the ways he is developing for himself and for the mankind and UNEMPLOYMENT is the reason why you need to develop for being EMPLOYED.


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